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Our English Program

The value of having good writing and reading skills has not diminished over the years. The importance of English as a course can be seen by the fact that English 12 is the only Provincially Examinable course that is required for entrance to universities in Canada. Nowadays, with the higher standards of admission, it is no longer adequate to only have average writing and reading abilities. At Solomon Academy, we have the inside knowledge to help students whether it be to improve their sentence structure, reading comprehension, or essay writing skills. Our tutors know what it takes for students to achieve a high grade and can assist in helping to fine-tune their skills.
Writing Program
Our comprehensive program will be tailored according to a student’s needs. Not only will proper grammar and diction be emphasized, but also mastery of how to write to captivate and properly communicate to the reader. This does not mean making a student’s writing more complex. It simply means our tutors will help a student learn how to write effectively in order to fully express what they want on the page.
Writing Topics
The Writing Process
Paragraph Structure
Essay Development
Writing organization
Reading Program
Becoming a good reader does not happen overnight. It takes much practice and patience. Good reading skills have never been more vital to a student’s success than today. Our program focuses on helping students become efficient in identifying important details and reading for purpose. Our tutors will train students to not only be able to read and understand, but also to draw conclusions and make inferences based on facts that are present, but not always actually written.
Reading Topics
Phonemic awareness
Letter Recognition
Sound Knowledge
Listening comprehension
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