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Solomon Academy gives your child the kind of personalized tutoring he or she needs to catch up quickly and stay ahead in the future. With a clear evaluation of your child’s present level and understanding and our tailored learning programs, your child gets precisely the help they need at Solomon Academy. Our Canadian certified trained teachers do more than just assist them with their homework. Solomon Academy teachers will teach your child how to approach homework, to critically think and learn, and ultimately, how to build their own path to success. Give your child the chance to succeed not only in school, but in life. Call 604-629-1878 to get started.

Program Subjects:

We also focus on
• Homework assistance
• Provincial Exam Preparations
• LPI, TOFEL, SAT Preparations
• Study Help

Taking the S.T.E.P. - Solomon Tailored Education Plan

A 4 step process at which Solomon Academy takes to their individualized program. These four steps are as follows: Evaluations, Tailored Tutoring, School Homework Support, and Progress Reports. This approach is a carefully designed outline specifically to assist your child with their learning. This plan is then carried through with our certified teachers.

The first step in understanding your child. [Read more...]
Tailored tutoring, Practices and Tests
Tailored tutoring and programs designed specificially for the needs of your child .[Read more...]
School Homework Support
With our Canadian certified teachers, we can assist with homework and even provide supplementary help as our programs are aligned with the Ministry of BC Education’s currculum.
Progress Reports
Track your child’s path to success through our bi-monthly progress reports. [Read more...]
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