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Math Program

Here at Solomon Academy our instructors know what it takes to succeed at all levels of Math. Whether it be learning the basics at the Primary/Elementary level, or trying to master more difficult concepts for senior school math, our programs are tailored to each individual student’s needs. Our in-depth evaluations will provide an honest assessment of an individual’s skill level so they can be accurately placed in the best possible learning situation. Our instructors will ensure that students are confident with the material by actively teaching them topics as well as closely monitoring their practice. The goal here is to nurture the individual to the point where he/she becomes confident and proficient with what is expected of them in school. We also promote an enrichment program for certain students who are above their prescribed level so they can get ahead of their peers.

Key Points:

• All programs are created specifically for each individual student based according to their skill level
• We provide our own curriculum that is closely aligned with those taught in B.C. schools
• Our instructors take an active approach and ensure that students fully grasp a certain topic before moving on
• Students are evaluated on a frequent basis to chart their progress
• Our instructors not only assist with homework by supplementing our own curriculum to follow topics covered in school, they also teach ahead to allow distinguished students the opportunity to flourish among their peers.

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